Hytech Personnel A/S offers personnel for all technical disciplines

Competencies for customers all over the world

Hytech Personnel A/S helps the onshore and offshore industry find the right employees. Our employees work on exciting assignments worldwide with Danish and international customers.

Our know-how is to help employ technical personnel such as electricians, electrical and automation technicians, mechanics, carpenters, technicians and operators in many segments of the wind, oil and gas, but also in addition to other industries.

Contact us if you lack staff within the following subject area:

  • Mechanical subjects
  • Electricity and automation
  • Mechanic
  • Carpenter
  • CNC, Blacksmith and Plumbing
  • industrial Cleaning
  • Offshore specialists
  • Offshore ISO
  • Warehousing, logistics and service

The effective connection between customers and staff

We strive to be the natural link between our customers and technical staff with high professional competence. Our employees work independently or together with the customer’s own employees.

We are part of the Hytech Group, and of course we work with the other Hytech companies